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Pictures on this page were taken in October, 1962

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Picture 501
Gynn Square
Picture 503
Junction of North Albert St and Pharos St in Fleetwood, at the point where the loop rejoins.
503a 504a
Pictures 503a and 504a
Talbot Square, with North Pier directly behind photographer.
Picture 505a
Whitegate Drive, opposite the Depot
506b 509 502
Pictures 506b, 509 and 502
South bend at Thornton Gate. Picture 502 is taken a little further back, the house being on Northumberland Ave.
506a 507
Pictures 506a and 507
Abingdon St / Church St. In picture 506a the tram is entering Abingdon St and in picture 507, entering Church St.
505 508
Pictures 505 and 508
Fleetwood Terminus Loop.
Very rarely are illuminated cars found at this location. [This was an enthusiasts' tour].
Picture 454
Tram Passengers by day, with more to see tonight!
Picture 504
Some very special tram passengers
Picture 1
Fleetwood Terminus Loop.
My very first transport picture taken in 1956