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Pictures on this page were taken in October, 1962

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Picture 482
Talbot Square.
The middle track is used by Promenade specials that run between the Pleasure Beach and the Tower between Aug-Nov
483 484
Pictures 483 and 484
Outside the Metropole Hotel. In picture 483 the cinema has the films "Two Weeks in Another Town" and "Out of the Fog" - not quite for your photographer; just a wet and windy weekend in Blackpool! Note the tram pinch sign in picture 484.
Picture 485
Northern end of the Metropole Hotel
Picture 486
By Cocker Square Stop
Picture 487
By Cocker Square Stop
Picture 489
A mug of tea to hand! Something not available 'on the buses'.
Picture 490
Tram Driver at work
Picture 491
A tram driver who is happy in his job.
492 493
Pictures 492 and 493
Just outside Marton Depot
Picture 494
Entering Marton Depot
495 496 Pictures 495 and 496
Inside Marton Depot. Depot demolished with BP filling Station rebuilt on the site.
Picture 498
Just outside Marton Depot
Picture 499
Royal Oak
500 501a 502a
Picture 500 and 501A
Whitegate Drive. In picture 500, the flash from the camera picks out the reflectors of the road sign. No known instances of today's equivalent sign, despite numerous new tramways in the UK.
Picture 508aa
Whitegate Drive, looking North around the junction with Condor Grove