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American Lung Association's page on Diesel Exhaust

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Diesel exhaust is a mixture containing over 450 different components, including vapors and fine particles. Over 40 chemicals in diesel exhaust are considered toxic air contaminants by the State of California. Exposure to this mixture may result in cancer, exacerbation of asthma, and other health problems.

Find out more on this site.

Transport 2000 BC

  T2000 logo

This is a non-profit consumer advocacy group concerned with transportation issues in the Canadian province of British Columbia. They are committed to advocating for environmentally, economically and socially sustainable transportation options, and helping others to learn about them. Transport 2000 British Columbia is part of the national group Transport 2000 Canada.
[Site contains an essay written in early 1996 for a transportation geography course at the University of British Columbia].

Better Enviromentallay Sound Transportation [Best]

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Pollution, climate change, traffic congestion, urban sprawl - people are driving more cars further distances for longer periods of time. The result is environmental decline, and poorer health for Lower Mainland residents. We need effective transportation planning, adequate public transit, and a sound cycling and pedestrian infrastructure. Otherwise, our traffic problems will only get worse.

Diesel Town USA

  DTU logo

A site expressing concerns of increased traffic congestion, wear and tear on the already bad streets, more big rigs in neighborhood areas, safety concerns near schools, and the huge pollution impact from diesel truck/bus emissions.

Better Transit

  Better Transit logo

Better Transit aims to inform about the many benefits that good public transit can offer, both to you as an individual as well as for the Edmonton-area as whole. It aims to provide essential information about why quality investments in public transit are important in the present and why they will be even more important in the future.

Edmonton Trolley Coalition

  ETC logo

The electric trolleybus - Edmonton's logical choice for quality, environmentally responsible and healthier public transit for the 21st century.

TBus Group Site [UK]

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Travelling in London is hellish for millions of daily commuters. Any idea that a 'cafe society' exists is blown away by noise and pollution from unregulated cars and trucks. Buses, forced to pollute in traffic jams, are unreliable service providers. In short, London's road transport stinks. We all need to consider zero emission electric buses and this site does just that.

A Green Future

   Green Logo

Traffic congestion would be even more intolerable than it is today in many a city if it were not for diesel buses. They are a much more efficient users of road space and energy per passenger than cars. They do, however, emit large amounts of SOx, NOx and worst of all, micro-particles of contaminated carbon. What can be done to make them cleaner and more attractive to car users?

Electric Trolleybus Site

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A compendium of information, news and photography relating to trolleybus systems around the world, past and present.
Maintained by Dr. Richard DeArmond in the GVRD.

The Victoria Transport Policy Institute

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The Institute has identified innovative strategies for more efficient and equitable transportation. They are technically feasible and cost effective. They involve giving consumers more choices, creating a more balanced transportation system, and removing market distortions that result in excessive and economically inefficient travel choices.

David Bradley Online [UK]

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The "The Electric Trolleybuses for Vancouver" WEB site was designed by David Bradley from material supplied by Kevin Brown, together with additional graphics, and help, from members of the TBus Group in the UK. Time was freely given to promote the continuance of trolleybus operations in Vancouver and with the completion of this work, our activities return to the maintenance of our personal WEB site "David Bradley Online". Take a few moments to check it out.

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